This virtual vault makes password protection effortless

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LastPass remains something of a gold standard for password managers. One of the first full-featured tools of its kind, this combination vault, form-filler, and password generator ticks off all the boxes in our password manager checklist.

After you sign up and install the LastPass browser plugin, it captures your login credentials when you visit a website for the first time. When you return to a site, a small icon appears in its login fields showing how many accounts you have stored. Clicking it opens a drop-down menu revealing each account so you can select the appropriate one. You can also select an auto-login option for each account to have LastPass sign you in automatically whenever you visit that site.
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TalkTalk scam WARNING: Fraudsters target customers – how to know if you are being conned

Original post By THOMAS MACKIE


FRAUDSTERS are targeting TalkTalk customers with broadband problems by pretending to be from the company’s technical support team, it has been revealed.


Fraudsters target Talktalk customers in latest scam

Customers were called within minutes of reporting an issue to the broadband provider. In each case the fraudster knew personal information about the victim.One customer, David Webb from Bath, received a phone call from a scam artist claiming to be able to assist him with his internet problem just 10 minutes after he had emailed TalkTalk’s customer service team about connection issues.Mr Webb said he was completely fooled.He said: “The hijackers persuaded me to give them remote access to my computer and hogged my phone line for five or six hours.”The scammers told Mr Webb that they had accidentally credited £4,000 rather than £200 promised compensation and asked him to refund them.
Mr Webb’s bank, however, refused to authorise the payment as it recognised the fraudulent activity.Meanwhile, a retired IT technical support worker said that she was contacted on her landline within 30 minutes of contacting TalkTalk about slow broadband speeds.She claimed the fraudster said they would carry out some checks, however, after telling her that she was eligible for compensation, they tried to get her to open her account.She said: “They quoted a password that I used to have when TalkTalk data was hacked some time ago.
“This is when I realised that it was a scam, so I quickly logged off and hung up.”Last year in August TalkTalk was fined £100,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for putting customer data at risk from fraudsters.The ICO’s investigation found that the company allowed large quantities of data to be accessed by staff which meant that exploitation was possible from rogue employees.
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LastPass – Now FREE across all devices, protect your passwords!

LastPass, the password manager owned by LogMeIn, is making a core component of its service free.


LastPass helps improve password security by allowing users to generate random passwords and storing them securely, so users don’t have to worry about password reuse leading to one of their accounts being breached.

The company’s payment model has always been sort of frustrating — users could access the the browser extension for free but had to pay an annual fee to take their passwords with them on mobile.

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  • Hackers can use your email to gain access to all your personal accounts, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.

Make your passwords stronger with three random words

To create a strong password simply choose three random words. Numbers and symbols can still be used if needed, however, using three random words is the key to creating a strong password.








Never use any word which is related to you and may be easy to guess, for example by looking at your social media pages. Absolutely never use:

  • Pet’s name
  • Other family members’ name
  • Favourite holiday
  • Current partner’s name
  • Child’s name
  • Place of birth
  • Something related to your favourite sports team

Your most important accounts are your email and online banking. With access to your email, hackers can take control of all your online accounts, by asking for the password to be reset, and use the information your email contains can easily be pieced together to create a profile of your identity.

How to remember strong passwords

There are some simple memory tricks and techniques that could help you if you’re struggling to remember your strong passwords. Just don’t write them down anywhere!

  • Loci method: imagine a familiar scene and place each item that needs to be remembered in a particular location i.e. red rose on the table, book on chair, poster on wall. Imagine yourself looking around the room in a specific sequence. Re-imagine the scene and the location of each item when you need to remember it.
  • Story methods: remember a sequence of key words by creating a story and including memorable details e.g. ‘the little girl wore a bright yellow hat as she walked down the narrow street…’.


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That “most used words” Facebook quiz is a privacy nightmare

Published by on November 22, 2015

Over 16 million people have agreed to give up almost every private detail about themselves to a company they likely know nothing about just to play a quiz.

vonvon quiz
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Windows 10 November Update – Features, changes, and improvements

Technology Enthusiast. Microsoft MVP. Windows Writer

It has been just three months since the general availability of Windows 10, and Microsoft isnow rolling out its first major update. Previously known by its codename as “Threshold 2” the “Windows 10 Fall Update” (or November Update, or even Windows 10 1115) looks to bring some new features and improvements to the fledgling universal OS.

During the development of the update, users part of Windows Insider Program had the chance to get hands-on with the new features, changes, and improvements, which now everyone will be getting shortly.

Since July 29, 2015, Microsoft released six Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, all of them made through the Fast ring of updates. Only Windows 10 build 10565 and build 10586 were made available through both, the Fast and Slow ring.

While all the builds brought something new to the operating system, we could say that only three builds, including 10547, 10565, and 10576 packed the most number of changes and improvements. The first two builds (10525 and 10532) only introduced improvements on memory management, desktop, and Microsoft Edge. And with Windows 10 build 10586, Microsoft focused mainly on fixing bugs and polishing the operating system to get it ready for the official roll out to the public.

As the development of the new update comes to an end, we can now get a closer look at some of the new changes found in the November update for Windows 10.

What’s new in Windows 10 November Update

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Protect Yourself in the Digital Age – NCA Europol Online Safety Film 2015

A short film demonstrating the steps you can take to protect yourself from online criminals and malware.

This film was produced for a series of cyber-safety walk-in events taking place in November 2015, as part of public protection activity initiated by the National Crime Agency, with support from Europol and other law

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The four daftest things people do on social media to help scammers

… like showing off a new credit card on Twitter, posting pictures of cash on Instagram, or boasting about coveted gig tickets on Facebook


Illustration by Alec Doherty at MP Arts

Cyber crime is rising fast according to the government, and millions of TalkTalk customers have been left vulnerable after a huge attack. Making matters worse, many people leave themselves open to theft by doing some quite exceptionally daft things on social media sites.

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Computer brain games ‘stave off mental decline’

  • Computer brain games can help elderly perform better at everyday tasks
  • Firms selling the gadgets and games consoles say they boost memory
  • British research suggests brain exercises may delay onset of dementia

By Ben Spencer, Medical Correspondent For The Daily Mail

Published: 19:58 EST, 2 November 2015 | Updated: 20:05 EST, 2 November 2015

Computer brain games can help the elderly perform significantly better at everyday tasks, scientists have found.

Firms selling the handheld gadgets and games consoles say they boost memory and thinking power.

And the British research backs this claim, even suggesting that the brain exercises may delay the onset of dementia – although much more evidence would be needed to confirm this link.

Can your mind tackle the test? Computer brain games can help the elderly perform better at everyday tasks, scientists have found

Can your mind tackle the test? Computer brain games can help the elderly perform better at everyday tasks, scientists have found

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10 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Windows 10

 Windows 10, by all appearances, seems poised for mass adoption, after a lackluster reception for Windows 8. This alternation of popular and unpopular  is sort of a  pattern for Microsoft operating systems: Vista tanked while Windows 7 killed, for example. Considering Windows 10 embraces devices of  every size from  smartphones to workstations, covering every aspect of the operating system would be a tall order. So for this selection of tips, we’ll limit  the scope to Windows 10 on  the desktop, though some suggestions could affect installations on other device sizes.

Windows 10 Bug Art Not only does Windows 10 bring back the warm and fuzzy Start menu, but the new interface does something Windows 8 failed to do—it makes a point of showing and explaining what’s new. And if you never upgraded to Windows 8 or 8.1, you’re missing out on one of my favorite aspects of the OS: It starts up remarkably faster than Windows 7.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and later. You may already have seen a notification icon in your taskbar with the new Windows logo, from which you can reserve your upgrade. The list below is far from exhaustive (check out all our coverage at our Windows 10 page), but its contents may help ease your transition to Microsoft’s new desktop operating system.

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